Armour - laying and damage

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Armour - laying and damage

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:40 pm

The system allows for a maximum 3 layers of armour (to prevent everyone wandering around like Michelin man - in a boatload of armour).

Each layer beyond the first attracts a -1 penalty to your reflex stat, in addition to any additional penalty it may have. The exception to this is skinweave. Whilst it counts as one of your maximum three layers, it does not count as a layer for the "stacking" penalty.

In addition, every time damage gets through your armour, the armour value is reduced by one point.

Eg, Bongo is wearing an armour jacket with SP 16 and has skinweave with SP 12. Madcap the Booster shoots him with his FNRAL Assault rifle at point blank range for 30 points of damage. Bongo's armour jacket now has a hole in it, reducing it's SP to 15 (in that location). The bullet also penetrates the skinweave, reducing it to SP 11 (in that location). The remaining 2 points of damage are taken by Bongo, putting a hole in him too.

Whilst this is fairly straight forward with a single shot, it can get very time consuming if someone happens to be firing full auto ...


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