Gun law - what you need to know

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Gun law - what you need to know

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:28 pm

Buying a gun in the US is perfectly straightforward. Fill in the paperwork in a gun store, in 2 days you will receive your permit, and can go to collect your new firearm.

Ballistics information is stored from the weapon, and the information stored with the police (and other organisations) so that they can identify if the weapon is used in a crime. A serial number is laser etched into it as well.

If the weapon is used in a crime and you have not reported it stolen/missing, you are responsible for the crime.

Providing you have the relevant permit, carrying a concealed firearm is perfectly legal, as long as it is not capable of a fully automatic firing mode. (So no assault rifles, submachineguns, or autoshotguns etc - not that this necessarily stops anyone from carrying them). They are perfectly legal for home defence however.

Grenades and most other explosives/heavy weapons are not legal to carry, don't get caught ...

Naturally, it is possible to buy weapons on the black market, ask a fixer for details. There are of course penalties for carrying weapons without a permit ...


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