Basic Army Information

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Basic Army Information

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:33 pm

The benefits of having "sold out" to the army is as follows.

You all served in the 85th Army Rangers (Cyops) division.

As a result of your training in the corp, you gain the following skills. You can re-jig your existing skills with these, but remember the +6 maximum, unless you got lucky during character creation and found a teacher.
• Athletics +2
• Handgun +3
• Rifle +3
• Weaponsmith +2
• Martial art (choose one) at +2
• One of: Driving, Pilot AV, Pilot Gyro, Pilot Fixed Wing or operate heavy machinery at +3
• One specialism: Demolitions, heavy weapons, first aid or photo/film at +3


One set of patrol armour (black, jungle or desert camo), consists of all over flexi-armour (by Gibson Battlegear), providing SP 18 for both legs, SP 20 for the torso and SP 15 for both arms. This has an EV rating of +2.

There are also optional alloy plates covering the shoulders, elbows, knees and thighs, providing an extra SP 5 to arms and legs. With the plates in use, this has an EV rating of +3

One set of “fatigues” in green. Light Kevlar, SP 14 – no EV value.

Kevlar t-shirt, as per the main book, SP 10.

Patrol helmet, SP 25, visor is SP 15. Contains built in 2 way radio.


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